Youth Pitching Drills

Youth Baseball Pitching Drills

Coaching Youth baseball is full of excitement, and sometimes we as coaches, have some lows. But one thing is for sure, if you don’t give your youth baseball players a good solid foundation in Baseball. They will never grow to the next level. That is what each of our goals should be as coaches. To help improve the skills and knowledge of baseball for our little Ball players. Never worry about accolades, and never yell at your youth baseball players.(How would you liked to be yelled at about a Game?) You should only motivate and teach proper mechanics of baseball. If you stick to that rule of thumb your youth baseball team will do just fine, I promise.

Here in this post I will cover three basic youth pitching drills you should incorporate into your practices. Video clips were provided by

The Balance DRILL

Youth baseball pitching drills

This is a really simple drill you can do at practice every day. As well as, you can send this drill home with your players to drill in their spare time. The Balance drill is real simple. you just stand like your at the rubber. As if your going to pitch from the stretch. You lift your lead leg like your about to throw a pitch and just balance. That’s right you stand and try to balance for as long, as you can.

The Ball Pick UP Drill

youth baseball pitching drill

It is basically another balance drill. Here is what you have your youth pitcher do. You have him go through with a pitching follow through. As the back leg kicks and he bends forwards to deliver the pitch. You have the baseball out in front of youth pitcher just bit. That way he has to reach down and pick up the baseball with his bare hand. The main goal here is to stay  balanced. I know simple right.

So one thing you can do is incorporate both drills into one. Here watch this.

The Wall Drill

This is where you have your youth pitcher stand against the wall. Then go into their wind up, and then only have them lead with their butt. Only their butt should be making contact with the wall. No Knee, No Foot, No shoulder, Just butt hitting the wall.


KEEP It Basic

When coaching youth baseball players. Please Keep in mind these are just children trying to have a good time playing one the best sports ever. So, I ask you please to keep it basic with your youth ball players. Especially when it comes to teaching pitching to youth.  Youth baseball pitchers should only have a max of three pitches they should throw from the mound. Those pitches are 4 seam fastball, 2 seam fastball, and a change up. Never, I mean never teach youth ball players the curveball or the slider. Their elbows are not developed enough for that kind of pitch yet. The curve and other specialty type pitches should not be throwing by a pitcher until his body has fully matured and grows strong. If you start youth pitchers out to young with a curve ball, I guarantee you will ruin their arm before they even finish High School.

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8 Thoughts to “Youth Baseball Pitching Drills”

  1. I have been coaching baseball and basketball For many years. I think this is a good article. I am really glad you talked about which pitches young kids should learn to start out. I totally agree. One pitch that is a great substitute for a curve ball, is the knuckleball. Not all kids will have a big enough hand to use it, but if they can, it won’t hurt their arm at all and it is really a fun pitch.
    I checked out your other drills and they are all good.

    1. Thank you, this is a new project of mine. I have been coaching at the youth level for 18 years now. And I have seen the out right worst and best from youth coaches. It’s time fore me to share my experiences with the world.

  2. Todd

    Great drills and I also agree with not teaching them specialty pitches until they are older!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I have seen to many kids ruin what could have been good college careers because good ol coach forced then to learn the curve to early.

  3. I commend you on working with the kids. My son played baseball when he was younger and I remember sitting in the stands watching practices some of the parents could be so difficult to deal with lol. I love your page though I myself dont play baseball I have 2 young grandson I know will soon be into the sport and I will be looking for gear for them.

    1. admin

      Thank you for the nice comment. Yes Baseball is a wonderful game, as long as we all remember it’s juts a game. Please come back I will be posting about youth baseball everyday before dinner.

  4. Ernest

    I really like this article! When I was growing up the drills would always consist of lining up and throwing the ball back and forth. Then my Father turned me onto a net that I could throw into and it would return the ball to me. This article will help my kids with everything from their form to their follow through. Thanks for the tips!

    1. admin

      Thanks, i appreciate that. I wrote a post today called Youth Baseball Hitting Skills on the same blog. If you like this post I guarantee you will like that one. again thank you.

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