Youth baseball Hitting Drills

Youth Baseball Hitting Drills

Youth baseball hitting drills are probably the one area youth coaches fail at, all the time. I know from my own personal experience. My little league coach (some 30 years ago) was obsessed with the double play. So, we practiced it for hours (I think mostly cause his son played 2nd) and we hardly had time to practice swinging our bats. Our only batting practice was that one and only time, at the plate, at the end of practice. Where coach threw us 5 pitches a piece. Then at the next game he would get mad as hell at us, because 1 out of 9 made contact with the ball at the plate.


youth baseball hitting drills

It’s Simple, Really

We all remember the movie “Field of Dreams”, with Kevin Costner. There is a very famous saying from that movie, “If you build it, they will come.” This is a great anthom for everything in life. If You Teach, your youth baseball players the proper mechanics of hitting a baseball. Then wins will come! Yes, fielding drills are important as well, but they are not more important than baseball hitting drills. I put them as equally important

In this post I will be sharing some basic youth baseball hitting drills. You should do with your youth baseball players at every practice.

I Use The Rule Of 4

What is the rule of 4? It is where I break my team up into groups of four, for our daily Hitting Drills. Some groups might have 3 Players or 5 depending on the size of your team. Around here, in rural South Carolina. Most Youth Rec Baseball teams are 12 to 16 players on each team.

Now that we have our baseball hitting drills groups all established. Now, get your coaches or parents to help run each station. That way there is someone there to make sure hiitiing mechanics are done properly.  Ok, Great!  We can begin our practice.

 Always Hit Off a TEE!

The is one of the most essential Youth Batting Drills. You should be doing with your youth baseball players every practice. By exposing your players to taking swings at a stationary ball on a rubber tee, is just money in the bank. This little drill helps build on those good batting skills. As a coach, this one drill gives you the opportunity to slow things down a bit and get your players to make good cuts through the hitting zone(Strike Zone).

I provided a quick video example

Now , What you should incorporate into every tee ball hitting training session. Is something called, “The no look swing”. This particular hitting drill is used at every level of baseball. This is the drill that will fix your youth baseball players from pulling their head out of the strike zone. This is something you need to make your ball players work at every practice.

The no look swing


The Separation Drill

This drill is great for youth baseball players. It gets your ball players to understand the mechanics of a proper powerful swing right through the strike zone.

Wait Theres More…

The Soft Toss!, This is where your baseball players hit balls. You or one of your coaches toss up in the air out in front to simulate where the contact should be made in the strike zone. Great place to do this drill and the tee work is at the fence of the backstop or along the 1st or 3rd base line fence. That way your not having your players chasing baseballs every where.

Here is a good example of a Soft Toss done right

Make sure you incorporate what was learned in the drills above to the soft toss drill

Last But Not Least

This is a little game I play with the players at the end of our hitting practice for the day. I call it the, “Bottom of the 9th.” Ok, So let’s say we have twelve players. That would be three groups of four ball players. You have one group take the field with three players in the infield at 1st 2nd and 3rd(or short) and one at centerfield. There objective of the infielders are to stop the ball in front of them. If they do this it’s an out. If it’s a error. It is a run for the team batting. The centerfielder job is to catch as many balls hit to the outfield. Only balls caught in the air is an out. Any baseball that hits the grass past the infield is a run. They have to get three outs to get out of the infield.You or one of your other coaches do all the pitching..

The team at bat. There objective is to hit as many good clean balls past the infield. Once they hit the ball, they run down to first as if it was just a base hit. So make sure they run through first base. Then have them return to the dugout and get back into the batting order.

The third team is sitting the bench waiting there turn.

The rotation goes like this, once the team in the infield gets the three outs. They become the team at bat. Team that was just at bat goes to the bench. The players on the bench take the field. repeat this cycle till every group gets an at bat.

Teaching Good Hitting Mechanics is Key

The skill of hitting a baseball is not an easy one to obtain. I mean, think about what your trying to do. Hit a ball you can fit inside your palm with a bat about the circumference of a man’s forearm. Not Easy!  But, teaching the proper hitting mechanics to your youth baseball players. Will only ensure your team will have much success at the plate. But, To get good at anything it takes LOTS of practice. So make sure to have some sort of quality hitting drills for your players, besides the old you get 5 pitches only at the end of practice drill.

I would like to give a shout out to Ultimate Baseball For being our Showcase Host on the Videos, I showed you above. Below is one of Coach Jason’s Full Videos from Ultimate Baseball. On What not to do for Youth Hitting Drills. Enjoy!

Worst Hitting Drills Ever, Don’t do These!

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