Best Youth USA Bats 2018 – Top 5 Youth Baseball Bats

1 – Easton Ghost X USABat 

This bat probably the most popular bat in 2018. I know of several of the players in my sons league who have already picked this monster up. I expect to hit record sales this season. Easton keeping good with their reputation in putting out superior products. Are well on their way to be the leader in putting out bats that meet the New 2018 USABat standard.

Easton Ghost X series is going to be the crowd favorite because of all the sweet features.

This bat offers an unparalleled comfort, with an enlarged sweet spot. It comes in four drop down weights 5, 8, 10, and 11.

It’s maximum bat performance is incredible and durable. As well as, Approved in 2018 for youth baseball.

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2 – Rawlings Quatro USABat

This Youth Baseball Bats balance, performance, flex, is what makes it perform so well at the plate. If your a contact hitter this is bet for you. The Rawlings Quatro is easy to swing and comfortable to handle. This bat eliminates the sting to your hands, but yet one of the most powerful bats out there for youth baseball.

youth baseball bat

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3 – Slugger 618 Solo USABat

For no more than $200 this a good one piece bat.

Sluggers new enhanced Speed Ballistic Composite End cap, is reason Louisville Slugger 618 Solo now seems to have a hybrid design.

Youth Baseball bats

This youth baseball bats improved end cap and Hyper aluminum material it’s made of, gives the batter better control through the strike zone and increases bat speed.

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4 – Easton Beast X Hybrid USABat

Like all the other bats reviewed, Easton Beast X Hybrid is approved for play in Babe Ruth, AABC, Dixie Youth, Cal Ripken, Pony, and Little League.

This bat offers a better pop than most of the other 2018 USA Baseball approved bats. It offers a great feel with it’s advanced thermal alloy construction.

And, its probably one of the best bats for power at the youth level.

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5 – Louisville Slugger Omaha 518

The Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 is definitely the least expensive of the youth baseball bats. But that does not mean it does not perform.

This little bat could offers and excellent feel at the plate. It offers a one-pice 7 series alloy construction that offers a huge sweet spot.

And just like the other bats it is Approved for play in USA baseball

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Happy Youth Baseball Season 2018, And Please leave Any Comments or Questions Below

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